Contract Addresses

Token Address: 0xec58d3aefc9aaa2e0036fa65f70d569f49d9d1ed Exchange Address (Uniswap): Pair is created in an equal ratio (50:50) with ETH UMA ExpiringMultiParty (EMP) Contract: 0x4f1424cef6ace40c0ae4fc64d74b734f1eaf153c This is where the collateral is held and thus provides "Total Value Locked" Collateral: USDC

Index Composition and Performance Data

You can see the construction of the index in the table and also how the index has performed over the last weeks in the chart. We created a simple Google Sheet to illustrate the calculations. The GOOGLEFINANCE functions in the sheet can be copied for one’s personal use in monitoring this index value.

Token specifications

The uSTONK-APR21 token will expire at 4:00PM EST on April 30th, 2021. The exact closing prices on the NYSE, NYSE Arca and NASDAQ exchanges for each stock will be used to calculate the final settlement of the uSTONKS index.

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