How Much am I Earning?

As described in the UMA Rewards Overview section, calculating UMA rewards to distribute is not trivial. At any given time, the APR is impacted by:

  • The amount of collateral locked in all UMA contracts.

  • The amount of collateral locked in the UMA synthetic that you are minting.

  • The prices of the different collaterals used to mint throughout the system.

Because the above parameters change moment by moment, the APR for a contract will fluctuate as they change. A user could provide 100% of the liquidity for uGAS over a week, and receive different APRs at the beginning and end of the week due to changes on the overall TVL in UMA.

The APRs listed on the Yam Synths website are accurate based on the most recent data that they receive, but they are variable APRs and could change depending on events outside of our control.

If you feel like you have not received the rewards that you are owed, we encourage you to stop by our discord server and we will try to sort out any problems. Here is the link, we hope you stay!

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