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Synthetic assets made simple.


Yam Synths is a powerful platform from the Yam DAO community providing easily accessible and innovative synthetic assets. Built on the UMA platform, Yam Synths allows anyone in the world to access and trade cutting-edge synthetic products with the tap of a button as well as mint and provide liquidity for yield farming rewards.

Why Yam Synths?

Yam Synths is a leading product from Yam DAO, a community of DeFi builders united by the YAM token. The Yam Synths platform provides an accessible and feature-rich experience, enabling users to easily interface with the UMA protocol and benefit from the powerful capabilities of synthetic assets without technical expertise. As well as the interface, YAM is developing a range of highly innovative synthetic assets pushing the boundaries of the UMA protocol.

The UMA protocol provides essential infrastructure for the creation of a near infinite number of powerful synthetic assets with a broad range of use-cases from impermanent loss protection, to volatility derivatives, TVL derivatives, and much more. Synthetic assets are limited only by imagination.

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For detailed information on the UMA Infrastructure visit: https://docs.umaproject.org/

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